You get quality traffic from our list of handpicked long tail sites. You can bid on CPM/CPC, etc and target almost all ways like geo, category, etc. We work with tools to drive and meet your business goals. We provide you panel which gives you real time updates on all your numbers. We can run retargeting campaigns on you. We have access of more than 2 million managed impressions and more than 1 million impressions on . We work with Appnexus, Mediamath and Doubleclick and can deliver result for you.

Simple Advantages

  • Setting floors and manage residual inventory.
  • Best fill rates and CPM.
  • Quality control in terms of including/excluding categories,brands,technical attributes, specific advertisers, brands.
  • Brand safety as we work on and manage all ads for malware protection, brand safety,etc.
  • Full transparent AppNexus login giving you real time reporting.

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